Worse than Deadly Disease: Lessons from an Aspie in the face of Medical Pseudoscience

The Autistic Resistance

Being on the spectrum, one has to contend with many problems that neurotypicals can’t begin to imagine and one of the consistent foes of my people becomes a glaring threat to humanity in times of pandemic. Being on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, it is yet more awkward. I speak, of course, of anti-vaxxers. The people who have, for decades, screamed that they’re afraid their child might become like me if they save them from a preventable disease. It is weird to talk to them about it with them having to tell me to my face that they want to ethnically cleanse my people out of existence through not vaccinating. Not only is it anti-vaxxers, pretty much holistic medical people everywhere use my people as the boogieman that their magic potions protect against.

However, I am a social scientist and my foremost purpose is not to judge them for…

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