Death by Holistic Medicine: My Mother’s Losing Battle With Paltrow Disease

How the Illuminati Killed My Mother

(Fake Title)

                Jokingly, I sometimes refer to the Illuminati as a Satanic organization since its purpose was to promote Enlightenment Deism to the detriment of Christianity. My Christianity is liberal but I like pretending it’s paleoconservative. However, that regards the actual Illuminati of the 18th century which was righteously persecuted by the religious establishment of Europe who had little use for its vile and horrid heathenry and, worse, its attempting to woo gullible minds away from the one true faith and into the darkness of whatever is outside of Christianity. Sadly, despite all strong efforts to the contrary, secularism has gained immense popularity since the Enlightenment in very small part owing to that organization’s relatively brief existence. I take solace in the fact that Adam Weishaupt is now being tormented in Gehenna in eternal undeath while I shall be resurrected in shining rebirth.

                Rather the Illuminati that my mother, who died on the 25th, believed in is the Illuminati boldly exposed by the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke. That belief, itself, while toxic and horrible, is harmless compared all of the other holistic and naturopathic crap she believed in that has led to her death. I’m not depressed but I do feel helpless to end the quackery that led to her death. I blame one of my archnemeses in philosophy, Michael Foucault and everyone else on the right-brained side of the Sokal Affair. She had thyroid problems but was wise to machinations of Big Pharma and knew enough to abstain from the polysyllabic chemicals they peddle. She took supplements and nutraceuticals for years, she regularly went to a holistic doctor, and it all ended with her death on June 25th, 2020 at MUSC at the age of 61.

                In the acute, she died of sepsis from pus that had built up in a leg injury which broke into her bloodstream after a fall. Yet, her inability to survive a surgery, the severity of the sepsis, her obesity, and all of the other chronic and general factors that led to her state of life were the reason that the sepsis, which is often survivable, was not in her case. That because all of the medical advice she took, and she took a lot of it, was pseudoscientific crap. I don’t expect lay people to know everything about their bodies or how to maintain them but I do expect them to know where to look for that help. For some reason, on her deathbed, she still didn’t renounce holistic medicine. I asked her two days before her death why her terrible state of health wasn’t evidence to her that the herbs didn’t work.

                The worst choice she made was to stop taking her hypothyroid medication for being allopathic Western medicine sold by Big Pharma to poison her in the early 2010’s which led to explosive obesity and a myriad of other health problems which exacerbated heart problems she had had. She had congestive heart failure in 2013, and her body was in no place to fight back because its endocrine system was severely broken. That said, towards the end, she would maintain that the worst of her issues were over and she was getting better but implied that it as too slight of an improvement for the outside to notice. To me, this signified that it was psychosomatic and she wasn’t getting better, at all. That lie, however, kept letting her think that the quackery was working when it was failing to a catastrophic level. Three days before she died, she assured me that she was getting better. Until her dying breath, she refused to accept that she had been wrong for years and her entire belief system was flawed.

                So, in the wake of my mother’s death, I would like to bring attention to the serious issue of Paltrow Disease. Increasingly, it is killing and making ill many innocent people. Children die from measles and adults die from cancer while drinking water with homeopathic “water memory” and herbs that sometimes taste weird enough they feel like they must be medicinal when they aren’t, at all. One day, I hope there are charity drives and fundraisers to find a cure for Paltrow Disease. It killed my mother and it kills many others. Among my political fights, it will always be one of them. Hopefully, as a species, will obliterate and destroy holistic medicine and practice allopathic, Western, medicine so that needless deaths like my mother’s don’t happen anymore.

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