Philosophical Stampede Trail

Enlightenment Vibes

Philosophical Stampede Trail is a great place to be because it is the easiest answer to every question. One need not ponder much business ethics or relationship boundaries because capitalism and dating are far beneath you. It is the reason Christianity is a harder religion than Buddhism. Eternal existence as a Heavenly society is a calculus much more difficult than nonexistence. As has been said in various ways, asceticism is the ultimate hedonism for the naturally self-content. As a hereroromantic asexual with autism and low oxytocin, I have never had a crush or strong attachment to a girl but through the misuse of language or various platonic misunderstandings have been percieved to have had such things. I do believe, in part, it is God punishing me for my philosophical hubris.

Asceticism then has limits on its applications to philosophy. It comes from a psychology which is unfamiliar with the irrational and lustful world of the baser urges of humanity. It fundamentally does not understand desire and has little idea about how to regulate desire except basic and feeble rules in addition to the general rule of absconding it altogether. To live in the world of asceticism is to live in the Apollonian world of platonic geometry and Kantian logic while one’s peers dwell in the Dionysian party. That party needs philosophical bouncers which the ascetics really don’t want to deal with. Not the question of how does one resist lust but how does one handle the tragedy of the commons of physical attractiveness and the implications for social hierarchy and oppression it entails. A question which the philosphical ascetics would run for their life from.

Philosophical asceticism tends to be anarchistic, pacifistic, and Marxist in its viewpoint. In the Marxist view, the root of all evil is exactly what Gandhi said it was: greed. This greed is a choice and if those greedy people saw the illusory nature of their pursuits then they would join the ranks of the enlightened. To cure people of their lusts is merely a matter of education. To, in the words of Marx, remove the false consciousness and reveal the world for what it is. Once that happened then all regulations could disappear and humans would live on a celibate, sober, hippie commune. The philosophical bouncers, the business ethics and relationship boundaries and such, needn’t be nuanced since they’re babysitters until the revolution when the false consciousness is dissolved.

That, in fact, was a major problem with liberalism and why it failed. Liberalism is, as consumeristic and capitalistic as it may be, very philosophically ascetic. Its origins in English Congregationalism and Protestant individualism from the 16th and 17th centuries were amost Amish attempts at an austere utopia. Liberalism is the idea that a free people can live together because they are mostly good. Locke’s deontological philosophizing envisioned an Aristotelian “Fraternity of the Polis” in the form of a universalized English Congregationalist parish. Not much thought was put into the philosophical bouncers and when they were finally needed, there was nothing. There are a lot of alienated, lonely, and afraid people and no philosophical answers for them. That because liberalism’s starting point was philosophical stampede trail.

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