The Right to Humanity

Is it a tragedy if someone with a disability is denied, by social convention, the fruits of human life? I am not referring mostly to sex and romance but that is an easy example to use. The left has a contradictory relationship with sex and romance being constituent in a full life. Like with other cultural items, their position depends on who they are opposing. They hate Western culture when discoursing with an cultured Etonian Tory and brandish their love of high Western culture if they are discoursing with a less worldly redneck. They love or hate metaphorical Florence depending on whether they are virtue signalling to a Tory or a hick. They are sex positive if they are talking with someone they consider prude in a conservative way and are sex negative when talking about gender dynamics. When it comes to social failures who can’t get laid, as that description is associated with incels and those are right-wing, they tend to contradict their position that it is something humans should have as a part of eudemonia that they hold when talking to conservative prudes.

I won’t say someone has a right to get laid, my religion is against it outside of marriage and I am religiously chaste, but I am against people being regarded as social suicide because of superficial characteristics. I don’t support the incel belief in their right to get laid or almost any of their ideological positions but they, in large part, don’t arise from a need for sex but out of the pain of being a loser and I regard it as sad that adults have such an adolescent-style league system that adults feel like losers. I am against that. The left’s view of them is mostly the same as their view on the hard and far right, as cartoon bigots rather than the economically dispossessed and socially alienated people they are. While authoritairan nationalism and right-wing populism are not healthy responses to such maladies, their pain is real and resultant from bad things that need to be fixed. Incels are people for whom high school never ended and who are still unpopular except instead of jocks and cheeerleaders, the noses they look up into are those of yuppies and socialites. As bad as incels may be, yuppies and socialites are seldom much better and often equally bad or worse.

Certainly, affluent and attractive people shitting on those of modest means and the less attractive out of narcissism is enough to turn losers to the dark side. For one, I very much believe the new yuppie culture of the apartment blocks with nearby Whole Foods stores, the avacado demographic, is pathologically narcissistic and guilty of cultural appropriation of socialist hipsters for their own sinister classism. Shit that my people, the Bernie people, invented has been stolen from native land and worn by the imperialists in utter disgrace of the values of the culture that made that shit which believed in love, kindness, grace, and the rest. I am pissed at the people who say namaste and don’t actual mean “Peace be with you”. Yoga is for people who fuck the bourgeoisie not those among the bourgeoisie who fuck. Unlike the incels, I don’t blame feminism on the left for this but narcissism among the affluent. Their enemy is much more Blair Waldorf than it is Angela Davis.

The alienation of the losers of society and their dispossession is the sickness of a society for whom Real Housewives, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight, and other items of class pornography dominate the headlines. Adults having a loser class like they’re in high school is the symptom of that pornography and people wanting to emulate the popular kids. With monomaniacial obsession, they delude themselves into identitfying with people who would never shed a tear for them while losing their capacity to empathize owing to their ever Darwinistic worldview inspired by the dopamine that tells them they must do whatever they can to be approved by their parasocial friends. Worshipping the metaphorical neon god from Simon & Garfunkle’s “The Sound of Silence” and losing their personalities and souls like hungry ghosts of East Asian folklore or the being who lost their humanity to the rings of power in The Lord of the Rings.

It is why MLM schemes are so popular. MLM schemes are, of course, pyramid schemes which suck the metaphorical blood out of their victims but it is curious how such an obvious and stereotypical con would dupe people. Whenever I see a “get rich quick” scheme, I think “If this worked, everyone would be doing it and would be rich”. They are the modern used-car salesman but they work because people not only want to be rich but have become so deluded by the images of wealth and status and, in a parasocial way, so close to it, they have lost some of their humanity. Included in that is the empathy for people who are of no use to their pursuit of glitter and glamour. To answer the question at the very beginning, it is a tragedy when someone is denied the fruits of human life and the pricnipal means of getting them those fruits are to get the other classes of society to seek the real fruits of life instead of the hallow and shallow ones which make them discard the humanity of those they see as useless and beneath them.

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