Britney Spears’ New Atheism

Successfully Negotiating with The Moirai

As a religious polemicist, I felt I could contribute something here. Now, my views on Britney Spears, like most of Hollywood, aren’t terribly great since they bend to market pressures and sell whatever unhealthy intellectual junk food the public so desires. Britney’s reasons for conversion to atheism were a bit, philosophically, weak and betrayed an unhealthy egocentrism. The so-called “problem of evil” is perennial in philosophy of religion. If God exists then why does he allow bad things to happen? Yet, Britney only asked this with regards to her own personal traumas which, while considerable, perhaps, pale in comparison to the average human and it seems that the election of Donald Trump, the wars in Iraq, Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Central America, and more did not shake her faith in the Almighty.

Another issue is that the “problem of evil” does not negate the existence of a deity as an argument but merely questions said deity’s benevolence and leaves room for dystheism and misotheism. Any cursory overview of world mythologies would suggest that many religions have not believed in a perfectly benevolent providence and some, especially Buddhism, preclude deities from being morally perfect. The mere fact that a deva in Buddhism has not attained Enlightenment by virtue of their existence is proof of their fallen nature. This is curious for Britney since she had, apparently, studied Buddhism.

The inability to believe in an invisible and intangible organism of immense supernatural powers is easy to understand and I feel ridiculous believing in such an absurd and ludicrous cosmology. She’ll find no moral or philosophical questions from me there. What is curious is that she, apparently, wasn’t fazed by the belief in an invisible and intangible organism of immense supernatural powers or even the titanic suffering of other people, many of whom suffered in ways far worse than her.

While logically, her arguments are pretty weak, they do have poetic and psychological weight. A forlorn and broken individual lashing out at the callous universe and cursing it is something, as an author and poet, I would find, in a literary sense, excellent material and intensely moving. What she lacks in metaphorical Richard Dawkins, she compensates for in metaphorical Antigone. She is Juliet beseeching fickle fate, to the dice of the universe, for a dollop of mercy to abate her grief. And if Britney is Juliet Capulet, well, perhaps, Taylor Swift shall come too her rescue.

7 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ New Atheism

    1. That’s obvious. It’s Taylor Swift and if you read the entire article, that choice would make sense. That is Taylor Swift with a seemingly desperate coutnenance playing the part of Juliet Capulet in the “Love Story” music video. The caption is “Successfully negotiating with The Moirai. The Moirai were the Fates in Greek mythology. It is Juliet negotiating with Fate alluding to Britney Spears’ seeming lashing out at the universe in light of her personal tragedies. Given, in the song, the characters get a happy ending, it is slightly humrous. Obviously, this Juliet’s begging Fortuna, unlike the typical way that type of haggling goes in world literature and definitely how it goes in the original version of the characters story, is successful. It is juxtaposed against the theme of Britney Spears’ futile rage at the universe by someone, kind of, throwing a tantrum and getting what they want from the universe.

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      1. Getting what you want from a tantrum against fate is almost as poetic as not getting what you want. The least poetic option is to get what you want after a cool-headed, rational, and sophisticated argument. In order of precedence, people generally want that and, if not that, then the maturity to accept defeat. What is scariest is to be reduced to groveling or to be reduced to a tantrum. For some, this would give the feeling of power but, for others, myself included, upon regaining constitution or lucidity, upon winning that tantrum or grovelling session, is a sense of dishonor and cheapness. When I do it, I take the victory feeling like I’ve been punched in the gut. In the end, it represents the human condition of things falling apart and otherwise proud and collected people humiliating themselves at the altar of Fortuna. That even in victory, they are defeated. That if they are at the mercy of fate then fate has defeated their power, even if fate doled out the goods in the end. Therein is the smallness of the human person contrasted with the universe.


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