Physical Attractiveness & Liberal Democracy

As anti-aging science becomes more real and less pseudo while the older generations are ever more adolscent in their thinking, pretty people are a serious philosophical issue. Celebrities have more political power than they ever have had before. So, who is hot and who is not is an increasingly major variable in decisions which affect billions of people. Liberalism treats everyone as equal and blindly sees them as citizens with rights. Scientific racism is not real and contemporary liberalism assumes that everyone, for the most part, is roughly equal in all of their characteristics but this is not true.

Alas, if intelligence were the main difference between people like the scientific racists once believed that, in some ways, would be better than the fact that it is not. Physical attractiveness is the absolute worst form of meritocracy. With people in their 40s looking like they’re in their 20s, people are more easily able to rise through fields without any expertise. This is not happening within established formal institutions but a Youtube influencer with a following is as much an authority as a real expert as far as sociology and political science are concerned.

Loren Gray, if she wanted to, could become the next Anthony Fauci or the next Alex Jones. She has, by virtue of being very attractive, amassed a level of power quite undue her. Now, even if she isn’t spreading bad information, she is not exactly spreading good information. She can try to spread messages of love, kindness, and do PSAs for good science but she lacks the education. On the most remote chance she saw my blog, I’d advise that she team up with scientific experts and moral leaders and to use her attractiveness to be a siren of the Jordan, that is, to use her worldly assets maximize the good of her messaging. When God gives someone a gift, it should be used to do as much good as possible.

It is very sad when you realize that in the modelling industry, the girls line up to sell products but seldom ever do they volunteer their hottness for a charity advert. Emily Ratajkc wrote a book literally entitled “My Body” but one thing she has never used her body for is, like, being a hotter version of Greta Thunberg. The Earth needs PSAs and she could have said in front of a camera “Not too long from now, the Earth is going to be hotter than me and that’s going to eviscerate my self-esteem. If you won’t do this for biodiversity or humankind, do it for my feelings. If you can bike there in under half-an-hour, commute by bike.”

The greatest problems with attractiveness, however, are narcissism and the lack of personal growth that comes with having things given to you and neither having to learn book or street smarts to survive or get ahead. Having Swiftie tastes, I have had fleeting friendships with very attractive people and more often than not they were dumb, narcissistic, or both. I hate reinforcing stereotypes but they were Cher Horowitz, Regina George, or a combination of them. They were clueless, mean, or both.

I remember, one girl, I helped with her homework and she texted me for help, desperately, and I thought “This is a ten question, multiple choice, homework assignment about the English Civil War and you’re a sophomore in college. Oliver Cromwell is famous enough this shit would be the first page of a Google search. Okay, so you can’t figure out the keywords to use.”, she later blocked my number when I invited her to my mother’s funeral after breadcrumbing our friendship seemingly because she saw my Asperger’s as a liability to her sorority clique.

Liberal democracy requires an informed citizenry and common decency that attractive people sometimes possess but, more often than not, don’t. Should attractiveness rise to become among the dominant social forces in our politics and history, I fear liberal democracy shall not remain healthy enough to sustain itself. People need to both be civically active and minded and trust in the proper scientific authorities and be, somewhat, mature in how they approach the world.

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