Cultural Federalism

In an earlier article, I argued for a world spirituality to be consolidated into large religious blocs:

I have a similiar idea about subcultures, we should have a concert of the major subcultures. Leon Trotsky imagined the Soviet legislature to have representatives apportioned by industry. With a federal concert of subcultures, there should be summits where the influencers and leaders from across different subcultures could meet to discuss their ideas and exchange information. Foodies, Gamers, Basic White Girls (including males in the subculture) Furries, Spacies, Christers, Metalheads, and the rest would have a Devos-like summit multiple times per year.

One benefit is that it would create networks to distribute public information. In an earlier article, I wrote about how influencer and similiar celebrities need to be contracted to organizations like the CDC and the WHO to get PSAs out to different demographics. There needs to be an inter-subculture information network to get needed information from one subculture to another and to distribute information from scientific and academic institutions and circles to the wider public. The influencers and celebrities within a particular subculture would know best how to tailor the message to their audience. Anthony Fauci and his people are not the best people to design PSAs.

To use an example that would especially need to be tailored are psych PSAs. For instance, anti-suicide PSAs. Typically, anti-suicide PSAs use clichés about how someone should talk to someone else or, generally, about the messiness of life. Rather, they should be done by people who are familiar with the culture and specific problems of who they’re trying to reach. Instead of just telling them to “talk to someone” or “get professional help”, a cultural insider would know more what resources are available that could be tailored to someone’s particular situation. Likewise, if one is trying to convince someone to get vaccinated, a soccer mom and a hippie need different cultural vernaculars used with them.

WIth regards to inter-subcultural information, if there is a major discovery of a new exoplanet the spacies can distribute that information and while the Basic White Girls/Male Allies may not geek out about or go into detail about it, they could mention it and if they have a friend who is into that stuff would be able to have a more in-depth conversation with them. An item of foodie information on a new culinary craze would get to furries and while the furries may not have a nuanced view of it, it would get them to try out new places to eat.

To organize the subcultures and create a centralized network to exchange and distribute information would erode the barriers to human love and bring people together in addition to creating an effecient system for getting important public information from the scientifists and academics to the people through mediums and vernaculars they would be receptive to. On the off-chance, this happened, I would propose naming it Viae, which was the Roman road network.

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