Fanon, Foucault, Subspace, and Disability

Frantz Fanon wrote about the colonized mind which is very germane to the position of people with disabilities. What Special Ed and most psychologists mostly intend for their disabled patients and people is obedience to society. And they use the coercive force of the state to get that obedience from administrators, to the police, to Special Ed teachers, to psychologists. Ultimately, if a disabled person lives most of their life in relationship to higher authority as opposed to peers and are in regular scenarios of discipline with the absolute power of the institution rendering them powerless, the result is, unsurprisingly, the BDSM state of subspace.

Subspace is not healthy and typically leads to long-term problems. One of the reasons I came out, generally, healthier than people from similiar backgrounds is that I fucking rebelled. The creatures of the manosphere, the ones who become edgelords, and those who became deadbeat loners lost in Schizoid-like fantasy worlds were the ones who didn’t rebel but submitted to authority. That is because they descended to the bottom because that is where they have agency. Edgelords want control and power because the instutions and authorities who dominated them never gave them power so do the Schizoid-like fantasy-world loners who get control lver their universes. They were made submissive. Not submitting to authority and continuing to behave eccentrically despite orders not to is likely to lead to better outcomes and better adjusted people. It is vastly better to tolerate a little weirdness than to try to beat them into submission.

Foucault is relevant not because of his personal life but because of his recognition of the internalization of institutional standards. His personal life is relevant, actually, because he was acutely aware of subspace and enjoyed putting people in it and likely experienced it of his own volition. In subspace, in the bubble universe that is the psychological paradigm of powerlessness, the institution may become one with the submissive and this happens to the disabled in relation to authority constantly extorting them into submission. This has little to do with my asexuality but eventually, after being made to feel they were eugenically unfit to be sexual, for many of the disabled, their subconscious abolishes their sexuality.

Subspace is a paradigm in which people may and often do lose much of their humanity. The aim of society’s system for the disabled is not eudemonia but submission. That is to say that they don’t want them to be human but just to stop annoying them and making them uncomfortable. If the price of comfort is another’s humanity then, as they see it, so be it. It is in that space that they begin to see themselves as worthless, as scum, as freaks, and as mental cases. I know what it feels like, it didn’t conquer me and I did defend my own dignity and tell the authorities to go fuck themselves repeatedly but I know what subspace is like.

This often drives them to suicide but when their amygdala, their lizard-brain, stops them from doing that they become nihilists. Firstly, because character typically requires rewards they never got for being good. The authorities never notice when you’re good and being good usually entails a pride in one’s nobility which requires a degree of self-esteem. They also cannot have independent values, their values must align with authority or they’ll be punished. The consequence is they end up having no values because having a personal conscience rather than obeying an outside figure is contrary to the institution which demands obedience in all things. In the end, there is nothing but fear making them anything close to decent and the fear is gone, well…

The edgelords and incels arise from that state of abject psychological conquest by authority. When they emerge from total subspace such as having a menial job and an apartment and no longer under the constant surveilance of an institution. The years of fear and powerlessness is a living hell they are desperate to claw themselves out of. They seek a modicum of control over their lives. If they can, in some capacity, get out of that psychological state and assert some power somewhere, their mind is as desperate for it as an opioid addict is for an opioid. That control is often through an online avatar. This is why people who are abused and experience subspace often and stereotypically develop the desire to dominate others. It is why abuse often leads to BDSM participation. It is either the desire to control others or to relive the experience where one is not powerless.

The reason, in part, I grew up wanting to be a regency gentleman as opposed to a dungeon master with regards to romance is, ironically, because I was authority’s Abbie Hoffman and not their bitch. Like the Seminoles, I didn’t surrender, in full, ever. I firmly disagree with Frantz Fanon’s inhuman tactics in his anti-colonialism. He believed that violence against normal middle-class civilian settlers, many of whom moved from France to Algeria for job or economic reasons, was therapudic because it liberated the colonized mind. Even if it did, that’s still evil. He was right in the fact that marginalized demographics have a colonized mind and there is a need for psychological liberation throuh rebelion. The subspace of the disabled is a form of colonized mind and the disabled should actively resist.

The great lessons are this, ensure eudemonia is a teleology for everyone and avoid coercive power, especially aboslute coercive power, if possible. That means no administrators, no police, no one with the power to strip their freedom or ruin their lives if possible. Tolerate eccentricity and encourage rebellion. It is also a lesson in keeping one’s humanity. That one should resist the surrender of agency and should rebel in defense of one’s dignity. Lest one lose one’s soul and descend into darkness.

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