Why Conservatives Are Better Organizers

I live on the left but do concede that the right has better tactics and organization. The TLDR reason is simple, the conservatives are capitalists and for all of capitalism’s problems, it is about ruthless pragmatism. The conservatives are trained to understand that everything serves their bottom line. In business, that means money and in politics that means winning. The conservatives don’t have the same purity tests or focus on losing causes because martyrdom is not worth much to them whereas the left sees martyrdom as preferable to compromising one’s purity.

A long known problem in the world of business is that of the “organization man” which basically means that in a bureaucracy that the bureaucrats from the executives downward have no incentives to innovate, take risks, or do anything except avoid major mistakes because there are no consequences for passive failure or negligence. The left has no experience with this and has no immunity to it therefore they cannot innovate and progress in their tactics or thinking. The crucial part of “organization man” sociology is that new ideas and innovations are shot down and blocked. Not for being subversive but for being too risky.

The tried and true works and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it is the sentiment. Of course, that leads to chronic and long-term failure in the ultimate. The problem is even worse, now, given the hypersensetivity. New things and new ideas make people uncomfortable and count as a boudnary violation. This is not about whether comedians should be able to tell uncouth jokes as much as saying things that hurt feelings or discomfort people are often based in truth or have use in creating solutions. Recently, on this blog, I talked about trying to reduce narcissistic traits among sorority members which struck the psychology professor as “not being inclusive” to what I assume is a “Reviving Ophelia”-style feminism since it used the term “classic mean girls”.

There were science-based reforms to make groups infamous having for having mean girls, kinder. It was rejected out of identity politics. Another example is working across the aisle and compromising on social issues that are less important to get more important economic issues done. To suggest that health care is more important than trans rights will offend people and the end result is people will die and be less healthy for it.

The left does not know what is important and they lack the pragmatism to pursue it and that is why we lose. They would rather die martyrs than win having comrpomised their virtue. It reminds me of the old Catholic martyrs for chastity. A notion which reinforces my Protestantism that virginty is worth dying for. Being raped and murdered both suck but between PTSD and death, the former is vastly easier to treat so is probably the better option. The right choses survival over purity while the left chooses purity over survival.

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