Vendetta and Nothing Else

Before on this blog, I have discussed how when I have discussed my history being bullied the general response of people is that I should have resorted to physical violence, either directly or through a proxy, or contacted the police. It is quite curious that they never mention anything about fixing the cultural and psychological issues that led to it or creating a support system for my victimized ass so I would not suffer the worst effects of the PTSD. According to the average person, society should not focus on addressing the root causes nor treating the victims but focus on revenge, pure and simple.

This was not over murder, rape, or something, this was over bullying. Their wisdom from human to human is usually to initiate a vendetta. That I should literally hate and never forgive any slight and live my life in a state of hating thousands of people all the time forever. Again, this is devoid of any scientific solution to any problem. Of course, being on the spectrum, I have offended many people and the sad fact is that they probably get the same advice and I know lots of them have taken it. It shocks me to see how much hatred there is. Not that they can’t forgive murderers but that they can’t forgive anyone for anything ever. Like, how can people live this way?

This is not about being a saint; it is about not being insane. Not forgiving slights after years is insane. What is more insane is that their only answer is revenge. Outside of revenge, they have no interest in finding solutions. They just want to do nothing scientific, induce needless suffering, derive schadenfreude from said suffering, and abandon the issue. I know because I have tried to work with them on projects that deal with the root causes of what happened to me and they’re not interested in the nerdy scientific stuff. All they ever really want to do is hurt someone. They sympathize with me but they won’t help me do science or social stuff, if it doesn’t involve bringing painful tears to the eyes of the offending party, they’re not into it.

It relates to a much broader problem in society. There is a general approach to problems as a whodunit and not a why it happened and how to fix it. The average joe and average jane doesn’t want to be bothered by civicism unless they’re in a pitchfork mob getting a bad guy. After they’ve strung up said bad guy, they’re done. It’s over. Fixing the problem is C-SPAN and, for the average joe and average jane, C-SPAN is much less fun to watch than an execution and less fun to participate in than a vigilante mob. This is the principal reason society is doomed.

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