OnlyFans, Olivia Dunne, and the Dystopia of Contemporary Hottness

Recently, Olivia Dunne has made headlines after her fans got stalky and rabid. Now, the online discourse has surrounded the stupid debate between “boys will be boys” and she is selling her body online and she is a vulnerable woman and this shows how scary men can be. No girl, obviously, deserves to be raped or obsessively stalked and Olivia does not deserve anything that has happened to her. Then again, civilian aircraft don’t deserve to get shot down over a war zone. Just because a Delta pilot deserves to fly safely through a war zone doesn’t mean it is wise to do so. It is every girl at a drunk frat party’s right to not be sexually assaulted but it is a responsibility to all who would bear the burden of that tragedy to not tempt fate by frequenting drunk frat parties.

Everyone deserves to be safe but tempting fate is unfair to all those who have to clean up the mess when things go wrong. In the end, I have relatively little restpect for Livvy Dunne because I read her Twitter and Googled her and there was, to the best of my memory, no positive messaging or advocacy for good causes or raising money for refugees or natural disasters or people with disabilities. I judge the powerful by how they treat the powerless and if I see no spending of power to help the powerless, my respect evaporates.

The incidents don’t prove men are scary because if she had, say, built her empire on climate change advocacy, quantum physics and exoplanets, paleontology, or international affairs, then, there may have been a few creeps and #metoo scandals but there would not be many and, in all likelihood, they would be benign enough to be handled through deft diplomacy rather than bodyguards and law enforcement. As I have said on this blog before, if a girl wishes to not be hit on then she should get craft beer at a coffee shop and not normal beer at a bar. The football team and the bar is a faustian bargain because the guys are hotter but they’re also creepier. TikTok and Instagram and OnlyFans are cesspits of human baseness.

This didn’t happen to Malala or Greta Thunberg. The demographics Malala and Greta market to are smart, compassionate, people who are trying to make the world a better place. When fans show up to their events, their fans want to be led in a movement like they’re seeing Gandhi or Desmond Tutu. To live as brothers and sisters and to build a city on an hill. Livvy Dunne isn’t selling her fans love and they don’t want love from her. Livvy Dunne is an example and there are plenty of others who build their brand in the red light district of the internet. It is a Faustian Bargain and the devil, ultimately, gets his due. Men are not scary; horny men on the internet are scary.

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