The Etiology of Christian Feminism

The etiology of Christian feminism is not feminism. Feminism, per se, is based on 17th century concepts of rights. I am a virtue ethicist and a utilitarian way more than I am a deontologist and see rights as a constructed means to the ends of morality and not essential and fundamental. I oppose patriarchy for two general reasons, the first is utilitarian and that feminism reduces suffering and increases human welfare. The other is same is the reason I regard consensual BDSM inside of marriage to be sinful, that is because concentration of power is the opposite of meekness and meekness is one of the main commands of the Bible.

Patriarchy does two things, it gives the worst psychological and spiritual poison ever to one party over another. That being power. And the second thing it does is it causes suffering because power is almost always abused. Christian feminism is not about deontological equality but instead about the sins of human suffering and of coveting power. The coveting of power does not merely stay inside of a relationship but becomes a conditioned personality trait. Another, more secular reason, I oppose BDSM is that. If someone plays slave-overseeer (not master, as masters did not typically physically discipline their slaves), it will have an effect in them outside of their bedroom. From a rule-utilitarian position, it should be categorically taboo because of that. The dopamine addiction to power doesn’t stop outside of their bedroom.

Likewise, having a wife be submissive is wrong, per se, but also because it leads to dominating others. The right-wing parts of my religion forget that it is impossible to be meek and dominating at the same time. Gender equality is not the end, it is the means to the end of humility. In the context of gender equality, meekness and humility may be maximized and human suffering minimized but only within that context. I see it as disgusting that the Catholic Church still has obedience in their wedding vows since to expect obedience in most contexts is a sin. Christian feminism is not about women having power but about the universal rejection of concentrated power. Christian liberalism is much the same. It is not about deontological equality but the prevention of the concentration of power.

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