True Crime versus Feminist Ellen Jamesians

Many a word has been spent on the excesses of feminism in the realms of misandry and andrpohobia and yet feminism is not the chief source of the worst of these and is, by comparison, not very guilty. What is far worse is the confluence of Foucault and Huxley that are the True Crime androphobes. A misandry not borne of Marxist analysis of gender dynamics but of the capitalist and consumerist circus of clickbait media. It is not feminism but P.T. Barnum’s parody of feminism. The cases are too statistically unrepresentative to help women stay safe so True Crime is useless for that. These women, if they really wanted to be safe, would study foresnic psychology but they do not. What they want is a freak show. I mean that literally; Jeffery Dahmer is a freak.

The great question that has not been in the public discourse about True Crime is whether it is healthy to watch a freak show. Freak shows have always been the epitome of cruelty. Directly or indirectly freak shows are always evil. In this case, by featuring the most garish and disgusting cases from the criminal justice system, they engender popular support for a less humane criminal justice system. Loiterers pay the price for the crimes of serial killers. As a political ghostwriter, taking cartoonish bad people and using in a campaign ad (like Willie Horton) is appealing to the worst parts of people and is the slimiest thing you can do. True Crime is the platonic ideal of everything wrong with the Willie Horton ad.

If it bleeds it leads is the most cynical phrase in journalism and True Crime proves it. True crime engenders a general paranoia that makes women afraid of things that go bump in the night. There are lots of problems for women but they are not usually the sexiest and juciest problems. By being addicted to rape and murder, they lose the attention span to focus on more common misogyny that actually hurts them and look for red flags for the monsters that are not usually there but then pick up on false red flags out of the epistime constructed by the fantasy world of rape and murder they live in. My neurodivergent compatriots are the victims of these false red flag alerts.

The feminist Ellen Jamesians may overreact to things but at least those things are real. I am not afraid of them. I am aftaid of the True Crime Ellen Jamesians because they hallucinate red flags whenever they see something weird. I can live in peace with Feminist Ellen Jamesians because that is whether the misoyngists deserve more or less sympathy but they use real statistics and science and their targets are guilty of misogyny. The True Crime Ellen Jamesians don’t trade in reality and they’re terrifying to me and are bad for many other aspects of life like criminal justice reform because they live in a paranoid fantasy world.

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