What Did We Learn From Biden?

                Biden is faring better in the polls than Hillary did at the same time in 2016. Bernie fared better. What does this say about Trump’s weaknesses. What is says is that Hillary’s greatest weakness was a lack of ability perceived authenticity. Biden, for all his faults, and Bernie for all his, share the traitContinue reading “What Did We Learn From Biden?”

The Almighty NIMBY: The Micro-Populists That Destroy Life

                As a political activist, I have to recognize that people’s lives are most affected by their immediate surroundings and that means local politics. Yet, local politics is a very difficult arena to make a change in primarily due to a single factor, NIMBYs. The term NIMBY means not-in-my-backyard. Effectively, they oppose any change toContinue reading “The Almighty NIMBY: The Micro-Populists That Destroy Life”

Why I’m Not a Heathen: Most Aspies are Atheists so Why am I not?

Most aspies are atheists and this is attributed to our logical and rational worldview. Yet, I would counter that the reason most aspies don’t believe in God is more a matter of disposition than logic. As it says in my info, I am of the minority of aspies that is extroverted and while I doContinue reading “Why I’m Not a Heathen: Most Aspies are Atheists so Why am I not?”

The Los Angeles of Politics: Become an Intern and You Might Get Discovered by a Politician

Unlike Los Angeles, Washington DC is a city of angels. As cynical as the public is of people who enter politics, a lot of the people who go into the profession are in it for the right reasons and a lot of them remain for the right reasons. Undoubtedly, they’ll compromise because they have to,Continue reading “The Los Angeles of Politics: Become an Intern and You Might Get Discovered by a Politician”

Sadistic Pedophilia in the Deep South

There are, undoubtedly, few phrases better used as click-bait than that one. I extend my gratitude to the gullible consumers whose eyes watered at the sight of that headline. When debates about corporal punishment occur, they occur without science and without a full grasp of what the situation is. To my logical Asperger’s mind, theContinue reading “Sadistic Pedophilia in the Deep South”

Trolls and the Human Spirit: Keeping the Love in the this Cycle

Originally posted on The Autistic Resistance:
It took the Emmanuel Nine survivors a week to forgive Dylann Roof, Taylor Swift still hasn’t forgiven Kanye West. It is one of the most shocking aspects of the human condition that murderers are forgiven by the families of the victims while the heartbroken of high school relationships will…

Fukuyama’s Dystopia: The Needless History at the End of History

We live in a world where unprecedented volumes of information exist yet where that information is stove-piped and most people, including people with power, aren’t educated enough to use that information to increase human welfare or reduce human suffering in the maximum possible way. This means physical science but also means psychological and social science,Continue reading “Fukuyama’s Dystopia: The Needless History at the End of History”

Dethroning Regina George: How to Redistribute Social Capital

Before on this website, I have written articles about the realities of being bullied for a disability, many of which people wouldn’t guess. Within those, I wrote about how anti-bullying policies tend to not be effective for various reasons. First, in Circus Monkey bullying that the bullying is consensual and to separate the victim andContinue reading “Dethroning Regina George: How to Redistribute Social Capital”

Nursing Anxiety: How to and Not to Treat Acute Attacks

After everything that went wrong in handling my autism came the consequences of such poor conditions. That would be the PTSD, anxiety, and depression that emerged from the inferno that was my childhood and adolescence. As I’ve said in earlier articles, I have no interest in feeling sorry for myself and I am scientifically describingContinue reading “Nursing Anxiety: How to and Not to Treat Acute Attacks”

Liberty or Death: My Rebel Days at Wando High School

                As I say in the introduction to my comedy page, there are two equal and opposite approaches to politics: comedy and tragedy. If the homepage to this website is an indication, I’m childish enough to rewrite tragedies. I usually write happy endings and I conduct my life with a defiant silliness. It’s not justContinue reading “Liberty or Death: My Rebel Days at Wando High School”