How the Police Caused the Virus

This summer has seen two major political crises, that of the virus and that of the police (and racism generally). From the surface, it doesn’t look like these have much in common but if one steps aback, they do. One of the great criticisms of the police is that they have become the primary socialContinue reading “How the Police Caused the Virus”

Hugging and Affection in the Era of COVID

Prior to COVID, I hugged girls and shook hands with or fist bumped boys. It was my invariable style. Every person is my sibling in the human family and it is my duty to express my love for them. To my surprise, when COVID hit there was not only a resignation to less tactile interactionsContinue reading “Hugging and Affection in the Era of COVID”

Social Distancing: What We’ve Learned

In watching the riots of the past week, it is clear that since this has not happened at this scale since the Rodney King Riots, and many police killings have happened since, that the changed variable was the pandemic and the psychological strain of social distancing. These riots are as much a lashing out ofContinue reading “Social Distancing: What We’ve Learned”

Worse than Deadly Disease: Lessons from an Aspie in the face of Medical Pseudoscience

               Being on the spectrum, one has to contend with many problems that neurotypicals can’t begin to imagine and one of the consistent foes of my people becomes a glaring threat to humanity in times of pandemic. Being on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, it is yet moreContinue reading “Worse than Deadly Disease: Lessons from an Aspie in the face of Medical Pseudoscience”