The Death of Eccentricity

Recently, I was reading Jonathan Haidt’s dissertation from 1992 entitled “Should you eat your dog?” A paper that covers an issue very important to many people on the spectrum. It focuses on the morality of harmless offenses that are considered offensive. Now, I will avoid using the term harmless in favor of the word eccentricContinue reading “The Death of Eccentricity”

The Testament of a Gentrifier

Gentrification is both beautiful and ugly, each in many senses. It brings aesthetic benefits and social liberalism to areas formerly devoid of those things and it often drives the weaker members of our society from their homes and into less humane circumstances. Myself, I am gentrifier, I live in an apartment in the East CentralContinue reading “The Testament of a Gentrifier”

Why Are Autistic People So Unemployed? An Aspie Explains the Reasons.

An issue that often comes up living on the spectrum is jobs, how to get them, and how we manage at them. Like with everything else, I describe the reality of the spectrum experience is different than what one might expect. Jobs have their own subcultures and those subcultures often don’t include you. When someoneContinue reading “Why Are Autistic People So Unemployed? An Aspie Explains the Reasons.”