The Culture War for Masculinity

In viewing the female anti-feminist movement, it is mostly a metaphorically thirsty movement dominated by their their fear that contemporary feminism will castrate the metaphorical testicles from men. Joining them are choruses of various conservative movements. Most offensive to me personally are those of my coreligionists who emphasize a Christian masculinity. Forgetting the gender politicsContinue reading “The Culture War for Masculinity”

True Crime versus Feminist Ellen Jamesians

Many a word has been spent on the excesses of feminism in the realms of misandry and andrpohobia and yet feminism is not the chief source of the worst of these and is, by comparison, not very guilty. What is far worse is the confluence of Foucault and Huxley that are the True Crime androphobes.Continue reading “True Crime versus Feminist Ellen Jamesians”

The Etiology of Christian Feminism

The etiology of Christian feminism is not feminism. Feminism, per se, is based on 17th century concepts of rights. I am a virtue ethicist and a utilitarian way more than I am a deontologist and see rights as a constructed means to the ends of morality and not essential and fundamental. I oppose patriarchy forContinue reading “The Etiology of Christian Feminism”

The Anti-Feminist Women and Warrior Feminism

Feminism is a unique movement in that it is among the only major rights’ movements where a large portion of their opponents are members of the very marginalized group they represent. Hardly will one find a Black person who didn’t support Civil Rights or an Indian who supported the British Raj but, a large, double-digitContinue reading “The Anti-Feminist Women and Warrior Feminism”

Personal Epistimes

Most people live in a world very different world from myself in a way that is related to my autism but is not a first-degree symptom of it. That is recognizing my own cognitive biases and counteracting them. The way I ultimately managed to mask required that I be cognizant of my cognitive biases soContinue reading “Personal Epistimes”

Giving Toxic Relationships Happy Endings

It used to be a cliché that bad boys were faustian bargains and ultimately girls would be hurt by them. In the last few decades, they did a Taylor Swift and rewrote the ending so that Edward Cullen and Christian Grey, bad boys with so many red flags they may as well have been Soviet,Continue reading “Giving Toxic Relationships Happy Endings”

The Perennial and the Pundits of Christianity

What does Jesus think about abortion? The answer is like what most religion and secular ideology is, whatever you already believe, your tradition is on your side. To escape this, there must be a philosohical framework with which to answer. My answer is Jesus is not a pundit and Christianity is not a platform ofContinue reading “The Perennial and the Pundits of Christianity”

Capitalism & Suicide: The Modern Examples of Weber and Durkheim

For parents, especially contemporary culturally suburban ones since the 1990s, the aim has been to have successy children who excel. I never had this ambition and always saw it as wrong. A good woman is not a CEO because a good person is not a CEO but an underground activist resisting the CEO. I sayContinue reading “Capitalism & Suicide: The Modern Examples of Weber and Durkheim”

The Psychology of Reactionary Politics

Reactionary politics is considered by many to be a synonym with conservatism but it is not. I define it as the politcs of unthinking reaction. I recently wrote an article about the anti-catcalling laws. How, among other things, the same movement against mass incarceration and arresting people for minor crimes are also for doing exactlyContinue reading “The Psychology of Reactionary Politics”

The Spectrum Between Romance and Platonic Realtionships

As a heteroromantic asexual, I view it as inappasite to classify the type of relationship I would want to be the same as a hetererosexual. Fundamentally, a heterosexual wants different things. Also, as someone with a disability, I have different needs. For example, for someone with a lower-functioning disability, combining maternalism and romance may beContinue reading “The Spectrum Between Romance and Platonic Realtionships”