Easy Times Create Weak Citizens

There is an old saying “Hard times make strong men; strong men make easy times; easy times make weak men; weak men make hard times”. Does this apply to liberalism? Is this, in part, a reason liberalism is collapsing. Yes. There are a few psychological etiologies behind this. One is the one I talked aboutContinue reading “Easy Times Create Weak Citizens”

Contrarianism is Bad for the Discourse

A few months ago, and I blogged about this, Neil DeGrasse Tyson brilliantly did the worst “Well, Actually” spiel I’d ever heard. He, with complete confidence, did a number of incredibly stupid things. Now, he has had some famous brain farts like the time he claimed nutrition science was stupid because all that was neededContinue reading “Contrarianism is Bad for the Discourse”

Special Ed and ABA: Where Thoughtcrime is Real

Countless political radicals have come to believe we are living in an Orwellian dystopia but while most of those people are bat-shit crazy, one place where that is completely true is the world of special needs. In the broader world, institions don’t actively try to modify one’s modes of thoughts to conform to society’s norms.Continue reading “Special Ed and ABA: Where Thoughtcrime is Real”

John Rawls and Cocaine

The principal criticism of John Rawls is his thin-good and it has been what I have savagely beat him with a baseball bat about on this blog. Now, in my last blog I answered the recent big question about whether it is moral to be a billionaire by citing John Stuart Mill and saying thereContinue reading “John Rawls and Cocaine”

Peter Singer’s Argument in the Context of Utilitarianism

Peter Singer, the pseudo-philosopher whose baby is Sapientism was not answered with a competent argument at the Oxford Union debate about whether it is moral to be a billionaire. Again, he can’t break himself out of mainstream liberal democratic thought which, ironically, makes his thoughts of little utility to the saving of liberal democracy. JohnContinue reading “Peter Singer’s Argument in the Context of Utilitarianism”

Is Country Music Morally Nihilistic?

While most genres of music and art from all time tend to surrender to market pressures and employ the baser urgers of the human condition from sex to revenge to other things like that to get popular, the country genre’s core demographic are conservative Christians and it does seem to represent the lives of mostContinue reading “Is Country Music Morally Nihilistic?”

The Anti-Feminist Women and Warrior Feminism

Feminism is a unique movement in that it is among the only major rights’ movements where a large portion of their opponents are members of the very marginalized group they represent. Hardly will one find a Black person who didn’t support Civil Rights or an Indian who supported the British Raj but, a large, double-digitContinue reading “The Anti-Feminist Women and Warrior Feminism”

The Strength of the Subnorm in Rawlsian Ethics

Is it moral to eat buggers in public? Children are usually taught, in the normative, that it is wrong. Children are also taught that they have the right to do whatever they like as long as it does not infringe on the negative liberties of others. And it doesn’t really come into conflict with theContinue reading “The Strength of the Subnorm in Rawlsian Ethics”

The Law and Courage

Is the law contray to the virtue of courage? That depends on whether the law is moral and valid enough that surrendering is an act of courage or an act of cowardice. The law in America does not recognize any virtues except obedience to itself, is often effectively arbitrary, and uses all sticks and noContinue reading “The Law and Courage”

Olivia Benson, Angela Davis, Rose McGowan, and Humanity

The most criticized of the left-wing movements by sane people is the #metoo movement. Some of these were warranted and some were not and I don’t call the people sane if I agree with them. It is just that the anti-vaxx movement is likely bigger, now, than the anti-#metoo discoruse and the anti-vaxx people haveContinue reading “Olivia Benson, Angela Davis, Rose McGowan, and Humanity”