Why “All I Want for Christmas is You” Was the Last Christmas Classic

Many takes have been made on this, yet, they miss one major thing. It is the reason that equally priced homes with Scandanavian minimalism and Victorian Maximalism will be morally judged differently with the latter rhetoricallty burned at the stake. It is the same reason big poetry houses won’t publish traditional rhyming and metered poetryContinue reading “Why “All I Want for Christmas is You” Was the Last Christmas Classic”

On Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Bill Maher Remarks

Typically, I would not remark on a single series of comments but this one regarded nuclear weapons by a renowned scientist and was so profoundly wrong that my inner-Asperger’s nerd had to scream. Neil Degreasse Tyson said on Bill Maher’s show that modern nuclear weapons don’t produce radiation. He was correct in saying that fusionContinue reading “On Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Bill Maher Remarks”

Sonnets, Dick Pics, and the State of Contemporary Poetry

The art form I do more than any other is poetry. When I write poetry, my first rule is to make my poems poemy. My poems invariably rhyme and I try to make them outwardly pretentious and vintage. As elitist as they initially sound, I consider it the opposite of elitist. When people want aContinue reading “Sonnets, Dick Pics, and the State of Contemporary Poetry”

How I Write Fiction: Creativity on the Spectrum

The front page of this website has a frame from Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” but it does something with the song that Taylor Swift would never have done. That is because unlike Taylor Swift, my interpretation of Romeo & Juliet focusses more on the ugliness of the secarian conflict as opposed to the romance ofContinue reading “How I Write Fiction: Creativity on the Spectrum”