The System To Handle Bullying

When I expound on my history of being bullied, my tactics regarding how I handled it are almost universally objected to. That of peer-to-peer diplomacy as opposed to beating them up or involving vice principals or the police. The idea that I forgave them is also either shocking to or opposed by them. Yet, ironically,Continue reading “The System To Handle Bullying”

In His Mother’s Basement: Failure and Moral Judgment

In my studies of moral judgment, what and who people think are moral seldom comport with what is actually moral. The title of this piece refers to the common trope that losers get what they deserve as if there is some great moral justice that is awarded to people on Earth. If someone is downContinue reading “In His Mother’s Basement: Failure and Moral Judgment”

Life in a Criminal Class: The Autistic Existence in the Institutional Ghetto

Growing up on the spectrum, there was a facet of life ever degrading that neurotypical society played out that circumvented their conscious minds. If they recognized this, then they possibly would act in a more humane manner toward the more deviant neurologies of their human siblings. That would be the double standard of behavior theContinue reading “Life in a Criminal Class: The Autistic Existence in the Institutional Ghetto”