Is Pluto a Planet?: Psychological and Political Definitions

I fully support the IAU definition of planet. What I disagreed with in their 2006 decision was to not make Pluto an honorary planet since, given public sentiments, I feel unjustifiable suffering was induced. The scientists would know the difference regardless so the only group it affected was the public whose happiness was reduced andContinue reading “Is Pluto a Planet?: Psychological and Political Definitions”

Screwing Our Next Environment: Environmental Issues of Space Colonization

Whenever humans set foot in a parcel of nature, they set forth to destroy it as much as possible. That has been the way of our species for most of its history and as we begin to settle space some of the most enthusiastic minds have dreamt up ways that we could do just that.Continue reading “Screwing Our Next Environment: Environmental Issues of Space Colonization”

Urban Planning in Space Colonies

In the next few years our species is going to build its first cities in space and one of my great fears is that when they do, the cities will grow organically based on the utilitarian needs of the first settlers. Building cities from scratch comes with the wonderful opportunity to create something beautiful andContinue reading “Urban Planning in Space Colonies”