The Autistic Resistance

The purpose of this website is to spread love, science, and all other things good. My favorite event in secular history is the Christmas Truce at No-Man’s-Land in 1914. Which is why the cover photo is a frame from my favorite song’s music video, Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. It was used because, ostensibly, being a happy ending to Romeo & Juliet, it is the conquest of hatred by love. It is making-out in no-man’s-land to defy the darkness and hatred of the human condition with light and grace to symbolically and literally end a war and do it without the very lie which tries to romanticize the ugliness of the ritual of war: martyrdom. Taylor Swift is more famous than anything in World War One so, hopefully, it is a more relatable image that sends the same message.

Scenes of Humanity

The Fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989

The Cellist of Sarajevo in September 1992

The Christmas Truce of 1914 on the Western Front

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