Trolls and the Human Spirit: Keeping the Love in the this Cycle

The Autistic Resistance

It took the Emmanuel Nine survivors a week to forgive Dylann Roof, Taylor Swift still hasn’t forgiven Kanye West. It is one of the most shocking aspects of the human condition that murderers are forgiven by the families of the victims while the heartbroken of high school relationships will still burn their exes in effigy at thirty-five. As a logical Asperger’s person, I have a statute of limitations on how long I remain emotional about stuff and after enough time has passed, I’ll break bread with any of my former opponents. Yet, sometimes over a decade after the asinine mishap, they won’t break bread with me. Neurotypicals don’t seem to have that statute of limitations.

It amazes me the sheer amount of hatred that people can hold over so little for so long. One of the places where this disturbing trait of neurotypicals for immense levels of irrational hatred arises…

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